Certas Energy Apprentice Nominated for Top Award

Asad Ali, 21, from London, has been shortlisted for the Transport & Logistics award in the Asian Apprenticeship Awards 2017.

Asad began his apprenticeship with Certas Energy through apprenticeship and training provider Sussex Skills Solutions, based at Sussex Downs College, Eastbourne. Asad’s employer, Alex Ward (Regional Manager, Certas Energy), nominated him for the award.  

 “Asad came to Certas for an interview and immediately stood out as an honest and ambitious young man who could, commercially, hugely add to our business,” says Alex. “Asad saw his apprenticeship as the start of a professional journey and has a fantastic open mind to learning.”

In the first six months of his apprenticeship, Asad was learning everything from product details, the machinery and the supply chain process. He also had the academic support of the apprenticeship training provider, Sussex Skills Solutions, based at the Sussex Downs College Eastbourne campus.

In the latter part of his apprenticeship, Asad introduced multiple new business accounts, placing him in the top 25 employees, in a sales force of 140, in terms of results and portfolio growth. Asad also played a role in allowing Certas Energy to increase its portfolio of vehicles from 22 to 90 in the greater London region.

Towards the end of his apprenticeship, Asad hosted a Ryder Cup Golfing Day for his customer base. Sussex Skills Solutions supported the event and assessed Asad’s behaviour and relationship with his customers, witnessing first-hand the commercial value he brought to the industry.

Within a short time of completing his apprenticeship, Asad was promoted to a Business Account Manager within Certas.

 “Asad has shown that whatever your educational and cultural background, you can cross commercial frontiers with a strong work ethic and a personality that understands the commercial needs of your customer base,” says Alex.

Asad finished secondary school with a D grade in GCSE Maths. He now works in a highly numerical profession where 0.1 pence per litre can make the difference between a company being viable or a company closing down. Through his apprenticeship with Sussex Skills Solutions and learning the Certas way of working, Asad now has the numerical ability any professional would be proud of.

The apprenticeship opportunity has also equipped Asad with life skills, including learning to drive. He is now helping Certas Energy to develop the next generation of apprentices.

Alex concludes, “Asad is very deserved for being shortlisted in the Asian Apprentice Awards. He is a credit to the fuel industry, an ambassador to Certas Energy and demonstrates the educational value that Sussex Skills Solutions can bring to the workplace.”

The Asian Apprenticeship Awards take place in Birmingham on 2nd November 2017. The Apprenticeship team and all the staff at Sussex Downs College wish Asad luck in the awards!