Apprenticeships are the perfect way for people of all ages to start working and earning a living, while gaining industry based qualifications


You can start an apprenticeship at any time, whether you’ve just finished secondary school and looking |
to earn your first wage or whether you are already working and want to improve your skills and knowledge
– it doesn’t matter.

Did you know?
Starting an apprenticeship while already in full-time employment doesn’t mean you’ll have to take a
pay cut to gain the qualification.

There were over 65,000 apprenticeships started in the South East during 2014/15, the second highest total
by region in England. Only the North West started more.

Last year Sussex Coast College and Sussex Downs Collegehelped start over 3,000 apprenticeships in East Sussex,
20% more than the year before. Over 2,000 of these were taken up by people who were aged 19 and above.


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